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Monday, August 31, 2015

Post of Shame

Similar to the walk of shame - this post is an embarrassing realization of my mistake; failing to post on a regular basis. My blog community will see my return "home" and be insulted by my inappropriate blogging tendencies. I am ashamed as I return but it must be done!  Let's be honest here folks, time is of the essence. I'm extremely lacking in the time department. However, I want to take a few short minutes each day and remember the adorable things my toddler says. Or the silly things my baby (yes she is still a baby at 14 months) does! So I here I sit on the latrine putting my new goal into effect. 

This morning as I lay Gwen down for her morning nap - I gave her a kiss and started to leave the room as usual. Nora stopped me and said "Mom, we need to sing to Sissy!" We always sing I am a Child of God at bedtime and Nora always likes to help but we don't usually sing for naps. She then sang I am a Child of God perfectly by herself. I just stared because I didn't know she had picked up so many of the words. She usually stumbles along side me as I sing. But today she knew every word (toddler versions of the words of course). It made my heart smile. And I may have had some sweat leaking from my eyeballs. It's such a joy to be a mother. To watch your child develop and grow and become people. It's humbling. 

I love my girls more than words can say, cliché  right? But it's so true. Every day brings new joys. I'm really addicted to this motherhood thing. My life would be a big nothing without my family. 

"Family, isn't it about .... Time?" 😉

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